What is a catchprase?

A catchphrase (or catch-phrase) is a phrase or expression recognized by its repeated utterance.

Catchphrases often originate in popular culture and in the arts, and typically spread through mass media (such as television and radio, movies, publishing, and video games), as well as word of mouth.

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'I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food...'

W C Fields.

Some catchphrases become the de facto "trademark" or "signature" of the person or character with whom they originated.

Catchphrases have been associated with everyone from comedians, actors, politicians and TV presents to cartoon characters.

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CatchpraseCharacterActorMedia SourceMedia TypeFirst Heard
What is your challenge within the rules of Just a MinuteNicholas ParsonsJust a MinuteRadio1960s
You have deaded me!BluebottlePeter SellersThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
We'll all be murdered in our beds!Minnie BannisterSpike MilliganThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
It's good to be alive!EcclesSpike MilliganThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
I've come all the way from Great Portland StreetKenneth WilliamsJust a MinuteRadio1960s
He's very good, you know. Very good. (about Seagoon)AnnouncerWallace GreensladeThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
Silence! I have drunk my fill of the clappingBluebottlePeter SellersThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
Ooh! Liquorice! I must be careful of how many of them I eat!BluebottlePeter SellersThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
After you, Claude - no, After you Cecil "Claude and CecilJack Train and Horace PercivalIt's that Man Again (ITMA)Radio1940s
Cor blimey I'm off!The GoonsThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
Needle nardle noo!Neddy SeagoonHarry SecombeThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
Before your very eyesArthur AskeyArthur AskeyRadio and TV1940s
The audience enjoyed your interruption so we'll give you a bonus pointNicholas ParsonsJust a MinuteRadio2000s
It's all in the mind, you knowAnnouncerWallace GreensladeThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
...Maudie Fittleworth...fun with a frankfurterKenneth WilliamsJust a MinuteRadio1960s
The Silver Fox (referring to Nicholas Parsons)Sue PerkinsJust a MinuteRadio2000s
I talk to der trees, dat's why dey put me away...EcclesSpike MilliganThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
Ying tong iddle i poNeddy SeagoonHarry SecombeThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
You can't get the wood, you knowHenry CrunPeter SellersThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
Will you tell us something about that subject in Just A Minute starting nowNicholas ParsonsJust a MinuteRadio1960s
Lulu (usually thrown in with a second or two to go)Paul MertonJust a MinuteRadio1980s
Enter Bluebottle, wearing doublet made from mum's old drawersBluebottlePeter SellersThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
I'll have to ask me DadMark TimeJack TrainIt's that Man Again (ITMA)Radio1940s
Big hearted Arthur that's meArthur AskeyArthur AskeyRadio and TV1940s
Is that cockney rhyming slangPaul MertonJust a MinuteRadio1980s
What are you doing out of your grave?Uncle OscarHarry SecombeThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
He's fallen in the wah-taa! (water)Little JimSpike MilliganThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
And this particular edition of Just A Minute is coming from...Nicholas ParsonsJust a MinuteRadio1960s
...in the isotopes PeruNeddy SeagoonHarry SecombeThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
I could have made a ham sandwich during thatPaul MertonJust a MinuteRadio1980s
Sapristi KnuckoesMoriartySpike MilliganThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
You rotten swine, you!BluebottlePeter SellersThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
Here, have a gorillaHercules Grytpype-ThynnePeter SellersThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
I'm cured!Major BloodnokPeter SellersThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
Shut up Eccles!EcclesSpike MilliganThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
Beside me sits (name of assistant) who is going to help me with the scoring and handle the stopwatch and blow her whistle when the 60 seconds are upNicholas ParsonsJust a MinuteRadio1960s
I go, I come backAli Oop Horace PercivalIt's that Man Again (ITMA)Radio1940s
Hello playmates!Arthur AskeyArthur AskeyRadio and TV1940s
You silly, twisted boy, you. (to Neddy)Hercules Grytpype-ThynnePeter SellersThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
Please welcome all four of themNicholas ParsonsJust a MinuteRadio1960s
...and our thanks go to Ian Messeter who created this wonderful gameNicholas ParsonsJust a MinuteRadio1960s
But I'm all right nowSophie TuckshopHattie Jacques It's that Man Again (ITMA)Radio1940s
There was a shortage of shortagesHenry CrunPeter SellersThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
Can I do you now, Sir?Mrs Mopp Dorothy SummersIt's that Man Again (ITMA)Radio1940s
Waits for audience applause, not a sausage. (Applause) Ooh! Sausinges!BluebottlePeter SellersThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
I thank you (Ay-Thang-Yaw)Arthur AskeyArthur AskeyRadio and TV1940s
Tune in the next time we take to the air and play Just A MinuteNicholas ParsonsJust a MinuteRadio1960s
You can't park there, mate!WilliumPeter SellersThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
Harm can come to a growing lad like that!BluebottlePeter SellersThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
I don't like this game!BluebottlePeter SellersThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
He's the best chairmen we've gotPaul MertonJust a MinuteRadio1980s
X my Ys and A my Bs!Major BloodnokPeter SellersThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
On this occasion I will give you the benefit of the doubtNicholas ParsonsJust a MinuteRadio1960s
I heard you call me, My Capitaine! BluebottlePeter SellersThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
I'm the famous EcclesEcclesSpike MilliganThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
This is Funf speakingFunfJack TrainIt's that Man Again (ITMA)Radio1940s
I donColonel Humphrey ChinstrapJack TrainIt's that Man Again (ITMA)Radio1940s
And as the minute waltz fades away...Nicholas ParsonsJust a MinuteRadio1960s
We welcome listeners not only in this country but all over the worldNicholas ParsonsJust a MinuteRadio2000s
Stop Messin' AboutKenneth WilliamsJust a MinuteRadio1960s
Doesn't it make you want to spit?Arthur AskeyArthur AskeyRadio and TV1940s
I only did metal workPaul MertonJust a MinuteRadio1980s
Our panellists will attempt to speak without repetition hesitation or deviationNicholas ParsonsJust a MinuteRadio1960s
I write those letters NicholasPaul MertonJust a MinuteRadio1980s
TTFN (Ta ta for now)Mrs Mopp Dorothy SummersIt's that Man Again (ITMA)Radio1940s
It was hell in thereMajor BloodnokPeter SellersThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
HaaalloooooEcclesSpike MilliganThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
That's done me a power of goodMajor BloodnokPeter SellersThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
You filthy swineMajor BloodnokPeter SellersThe Goon ShowRadio1950s
We should never have women on this showKenneth WilliamsJust a MinuteRadio1970s