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Catchphrases have been associated with everyone from comedians, actors, politicians and TV presenters to cartoon characters.

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'I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food...'

W C Fields.

Jeeves and Wooster was a British comedy television programme adapted by Clive Exton from the Jeeves novels and short stories of P.G. Wodehouse. It starred Hugh Laurie as Bertie Wooster and Stephen Fry as his valet Jeeves. It ran for four series in the 1990's.
The stories are set in England and the USA in the 1930s era.

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Right Ho, Jeeves
Much Obliged, Jeeves
Carry On, Jeeves (Wodehouse, P G - 1967) (ID:01632)
My Man Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse Hardcover Book (English)
Jeeves met Vakantie (P. G. Wodehouse - 1962) (ID:73014)
Just Curious, Jeeves: What Are the 1001 Intriguing Questions Asked on the...
Stiff upper lip, Jeeves
P G Wodehouse: Right Ho, Jeeves. Penguin. Humor 987239
Jeeves Chrome Twin Prong Wine Opener by True
Jeeves & Wooster - The Complete Collection (4 Seasons, 8 Discs) DVD Box Set
Jeeves and the Wedding Bells by Sebastian Faulks (Hardcover) NEW
The Inimitable Jeeves
A Collection of Short Stories: My Man Jeeves : A Collection of Short Stories...
The Cat-nappers A Jeeves & Bertie Story. P.G. Wodehouse. 1974 1s Ed. Ex-Lib
Jeeves the Animated Butler
1932 L'Inimitable Jeeves Romanzo Umoristico Inglese by P G Wodehouse Italian
Jeeves and Wooster: The Complete First Season (DVD, 2001, 2-Disc Set)

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CatchpraseCharacterActorMedia SourceMedia TypeFirst Heard
What Ho, Jeeves!Bertie WoosterHugh LaurieJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
Ho dee ho dee ho, SirJeevesStephen FryJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
I endeavour to give satisfaction,SirJeevesStephen FryJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
What ho,what ho,what hoBertie WoosterHugh LaurieJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
Thank you, SirJeevesStephen FryJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
Jeeves, you're a wonderBertie WoosterHugh LaurieJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
I fear not, SirJeevesStephen FryJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
When you have been a little longer in my employ you will come to understand that all my chums rely hBertie WoosterHugh LaurieJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
Now see here, SpodeBertie WoosterHugh LaurieJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
Very good, Mrs GregsonJeevesStephen FryJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
Good Lord!Bertie WoosterHugh LaurieJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
I say!Bertie WoosterHugh LaurieJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
Pardon me for asking, Sir, but are you proposing to appear in public in those garments?JeevesStephen FryJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
I'm not at liberty to divulge the ingredients,SirJeevesStephen FryJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
And if THAT doesnBertie WoosterHugh LaurieJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
This is all your fault, Wooster!Aunt DahliaJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
It's a little preparation of my own invention. Gentlemen have told me they find it extremely invigorJeevesStephen FryJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
I am familiar with the name Bassington-Bassington, sir. There are the Shropshire Bassington-BassingtJeevesStephen FryJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
It is young men like you who make people with the future of the race at heart despairAunt Agatha GregsonJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
You bally well are informed, Jeeves. Do you know everything?Bertie WoosterHugh LaurieJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
It's an interesting theory, Sir. Would you care to expatiate upon it?JeevesStephen FryJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
Bertie! I want an explanation!Aunt Agatha GregsonJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
Very true, Sir.JeevesStephen FryJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
You will pardon me for saying so, sir, but Mr. Fotheringay-Phipps is not noted for his architecturalJeevesStephen FryJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
Blast it, Jeeves! I shall do what I like with my own upper lipBertie WoosterHugh LaurieJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
A telegram for you, sirJeevesStephen FryJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
Indeed, SirJeevesStephen FryJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
I say, Jeeves, what an extraordinary talent!Bertie WoosterHugh LaurieJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
I was once engaged to their daughterBertie WoosterHugh LaurieJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
There are moments, Jeeves, when one asks oneself, Bertie WoosterHugh LaurieJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
I'm going to break your neck, Wooster!Roderick SpodeJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
when it comes to helping a pal we Woosters have no thought of selfBertie WoosterHugh LaurieJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
Do you ever feel like throwing open the window and shouting that the world is a wonderful place,JeevBertie WoosterHugh LaurieJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
This just about takes the giddy biscuit!Bertie WoosterHugh LaurieJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
I wouldn't like to say, SirJeevesStephen FryJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
Will that be all, Sir?JeevesStephen FryJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
Silence, Bertie!Aunt Agatha GregsonJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
I noticed, Jeeves, that when I started telling you the bad news just now, one of your eyebrows flickBertie WoosterHugh LaurieJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
Madeline Bassett labours under the delusion that I am madly in love with herBertie WoosterHugh LaurieJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
Otherwise tomorrow I'm the chief mourner at my own weddingBertie WoosterHugh LaurieJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
Perhaps you have hidden depths, Wooster, is that it?Sir Watkyn BassettJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
Jeeves, have you got your telegraph pad handy?Bertie WoosterHugh LaurieJeeves and WoosterTV1990s
Good morning, Mr. WoosterJeevesStephen FryJeeves and WoosterTV1990s