What is a catchprase?

A catchphrase (or catch-phrase) is a phrase or expression recognized by its repeated utterance.

Catchphrases often originate in popular culture and in the arts, and typically spread through mass media (such as television and radio, movies, publishing, and video games), as well as word of mouth.

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'I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food...'

W C Fields.

Some catchphrases become the de facto "trademark" or "signature" of the person or character with whom they originated.

Catchphrases have been associated with everyone from comedians, actors, politicians and TV presents to cartoon characters.

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CatchpraseCharacterActorMedia SourceMedia TypeFirst Heard
Look at my face...is my face bovvered? Face? Bovvered?Catherine TateThe Catherine Tate ShowTV2004
How did I not see that coming?SilverSilverThe Silver showTV2012
Good morning Lord SugarContestants (in unison)The ApprenticeTV2005
Are you disrespecting my family?LaurenCatherine TateThe Catherine Tate ShowTV2004
That's not gone wellRichard HammondTop GearTV2000s
Who clapped!?Noel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
Imagine me with a Brazillian!!MirandaMiranda HartMirandaTV2009
Deal or no deal?Noel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
I'm not making this upHarry HillHarry Hill's TV BurpTV2001
Whose village is missing its idiot?Anne RobinsonThe Weakest LinkTV2000
Well, that was completely out of character"Ferb Fletcher CartoonPhineas and FerbTV 2007
Let's (something) this baby upPhineas Flynn CartoonPhineas and FerbTV 2007
The Tribe has spoken.Jeff ProbstJeff ProbstSurvivorTV2000
Fezzes are cool11th DoctorMatt SmithDoctor WhoTV2005
I'm sorry to tell you that you have been eliminated from the race.Phil KeoghanPhil KeoghanThe Amazing RaceTV2001
Allons-y!Tenth DoctorDoctor WhoDoctor WhoTV2007
You bastardPeter GriffinCartoonFamily GuyTV2000s
Let the wibble see the wobblePaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
And the thought never occurred to you until I said it!Harry HillHarry Hill's TV BurpTV2001
Eat FreshSubwayAdvertising2000s
How hard can it be?Jeremy ClarksonTop GearTV2000s
Such fun!PennyPatrica HodgeMirandaTV2009
Let the plum see the puddingPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Express YourselfAirtel Cellular Service IndiaAdvertising2000s
Garlic Bread!Brian PotterPeter KayPhoenix NightsTV2001
A real bobby-dazzlerDavid DickinsonBargain HuntTV2000s
You're Goin' DownCandace Flynn CartoonPhineas and FerbTV 2007
Actually,..."Ferb Fletcher CartoonPhineas and FerbTV 2007
Whatcha Doin?"" "Phineas Flynn CartoonPhineas and FerbTV 2007
Well...10th DoctorDavid TennantDoctor WhoTV2005
Don't try this at home kidsHarry HillHarry Hill's TV BurpTV2001
Who is the first cuckoo of spring?Anne RobinsonThe Weakest LinkTV2000
You will be upgradedThe CybermenDoctor WhoTV2006
Let the mint see the saucePaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Let the hocus see the pocusPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
No shame no gain!Tim WonnacottBargain HuntTV2000s
Show time!BowserAnimationMario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside StoryVideo Game2009
Keep it lowNoel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
3, 2, 1... Let it rip!DJ JazzmanDJ JazzmanBeybladeTV2001
How hard can it be?Jeremy ClarksonJeremy ClarksonTop GearTV2002
Sonic's my name speed's my game!Sonic the HedgehogAnimationSuper Smash Bros. BrawlVideo Game2008
The audience enjoyed your interruption so we'll give you a bonus pointNicholas ParsonsJust a MinuteRadio2000s
Well...Tenth DoctorDoctor WhoDoctor WhoTV2006
Let the hanky see the pankyPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Don't say that!Richard HammondTop GearTV2000s
Oh, there you are, Perry.Phineas Flynn CartoonPhineas and FerbTV 2007
Wii would like to play.Multiple peopleMultiple people"Commercial, Wii"TV2006
Oh, that's nastyCleveland BrownCartoonFamily GuyTV2000s
Let the crown see the jewelsPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Hey, where's Perry?Phineas Flynn CartoonPhineas and FerbTV 2007
Come along Pond!11th DoctorMatt SmithDoctor WhoTV2000s
The World's Online Market PlaceeBayAdvertising2000s
Damn you all!Stewie Griffin CartoonFamily GuyTV2000s
Is it cos I is Black?Ali GSacha Baron CohenDa Ali G ShowTV2000
I HAVE FURY!FawfulAnimationMario & Luigi: Superstar SagaVideo Game2003
We welcome listeners not only in this country but all over the worldNicholas ParsonsJust a MinuteRadio2000s
Crunch Bogus!Super Macho ManAnimationPunch-Out!!Video Game2009
22 identically sealed boxes and no questions except oneNoel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
You need to think about which two people you are bringing back into the boardroomLord SugarThe ApprenticeTV2005
Isn't it weird how people end up looking like their...Harry HillHarry Hill's TV BurpTV2001
What am I likePaul and SamLee Ross and Catherine TateThe Catherine Tate ShowTV2004
POWERRRRRRRRRRR!Jeremy ClarksonTop GearTV2000s
Are you calling me stupid?LaurenCatherine TateThe Catherine Tate ShowTV2004
Fab-u-LOUS!Craig Revel HorwoodStricly Come DancingTV2000s
Oh Crap!!Peter GriffinCartoonFamily GuyTV2000s
I’m calling a break.Noel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
Let the apple see the crumblePaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Axalot (Thanks a lot)Harry HillHarry Hill's TV BurpTV2001
Let's cheer for the beer! All hail to the ale! And welcome the wine... for the ladiesAl MurrayAl MurrayAl Murray's Happy HourTV2006
Let the onion see the bhajiPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Oh dear oh dear oh dear (usually when a klaxon goes off)Stephen FryQITV2000s
You won't believe what's just happenedSamCatherine TateThe Catherine Tate ShowTV2004
What are you likePaul and SamLee Ross and Catherine TateThe Catherine Tate ShowTV2004
Rangers together, Samurai forever!Samurai Power RangersSamurai Power RangersPower Rangers SamuraiTV2011
...in the world.Jeremy ClarksonTop GearTV2000s
Is that your very best price?David BarbyBargain HuntTV2000s
What a f***ing' liberty!Joannie 'Nan' TaylorCatherine TateThe Catherine Tate ShowTV2004
You're obsessed with the reds! when a contestant keeps on taking out red amountsNoel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
Which is Better? There's only one way to find out, FIGHT!Harry HillHarry HillHarry Hill's TV BurpTV2001
Let the tongue see the twisterPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Blazing Speed!The VoiceAnimationBejeweled BlitzVideo Game2010
Sausage Surprise!Jean SlaterGillian WrightEastendersTV2000s
Geronimo!11th DoctorMatt SmithDoctor WhoTV2005
A-ma-ZING!Craig Revel HorwoodStricly Come DancingTV2000s
How about a little drop of rumPatrick TruemanRudolph WalkerEastendersTV2000s
Let the see see the sawPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Silence!!Stewie GriffinCartoonFamily GuyTV2000s
Taste the Rainbow.Multiple peopleMultiple people"Commercial, Skittles"TV2010
You are the official winners of the Amazing Race!Phil KeoghanPhil KeoghanThe Amazing RaceTV2001
Is it the blue whale?Alan DaviesQITV2000s
No likey, no lighty!Paddy McGuinessPaddy McGuinessTake Me OutTV2010
Let the pina see the coladaPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Let the treacle see the puddingPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Come back for some more Bargain Hunt...yes? Yes!Tim WonnacottBargain HuntTV2000s
...is just astonishingJeremy ClarksonTop GearTV2000s
I think you'll be thereNoel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
Let the toad see the holePaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
BECAUSE I'M CRAZY!!!Crazy DaveAnimationPlants vs. ZombiesVideo Game2009
Let the canon see the ballPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Eat my pantsJames MayTop GearTV2000s
How very dare you!Catherine TateCatherine TateThe Catherine Tate ShowTV2004
Let the pea see the podPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Let's play The Weakest Link!Anne RobinsonThe Weakest LinkTV2000
It's the moment of truthBruce ForsythStricly Come DancingTV2000s
A load of tatTim WonnacottBargain HuntTV2000s
Seven (Seerrrvvvvveeeeen!)Len GoodmanStricly Come DancingTV2000s
Make it blueNoel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
It's not how you start...it's how you finishNoel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
...and on that bombshell...Jeremy ClarksonTop GearTV2000s
Let the bubble see the bathPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
That's a common misconception...Stephen FryQITV2000s
Let the sausage see the rollPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Let the shepherd see the piePaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
How You Doin'?Wendy WilliamsWendy WilliamsThe Wendy Williams ShowTV2008
Hello BankerNoel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
I knew I was going bald when it was taking longer to wash my faceHarry HillHarry Hill's TV BurpTV2001
...And welcome to QIStephen FryQITV2000s
Here comes the item now...Tim WonnacottBargain HuntTV2000s
Ladies and gentlemen does my eyes deceive me?Stephen FryQITV2000s
He's all gong and no dinnerNick HewerThe ApprenticeTV2005
And we leave you with this thought...Stephen FryQITV2000s
Let the chimney see the sweepPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Calm down dear it's only a commercial!Michael WinnerTV AdvertAdvertising2000s
Let the blueberry see the muffinPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
It's your show.Noel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
I'm such a dweeby blurterMirandaMiranda HartMirandaTV2009
Thank you Lord Sugar for the opportunitylosing contestantThe ApprenticeTV2005
I am a driving God!Richard HammondTop GearTV2000s
Let the wig see the wamPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Let the nut see the crackerPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
You are the Weakest Link! Goodbye!Anne RobinsonAnne RobinsonThe Weakest LinkTV2001
See you after the breakHarry HillHarry Hill's TV BurpTV2001
Being an idiot are we, slapping me are we?MirandaMiranda HartMirandaTV2009
Let the bat see the ballPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Allons-y!10th DoctorDavid TennantDoctor WhoTV2005
hoopy hoopsHarry HillHarry Hill's TV BurpTV2001
...but that's exactly what they're expecting us to do.Jeremy ClarksonTop GearTV2000s
Delete!The CybermenDoctor WhoTV2006
Let's do it!!Joe Swanson CartoonFamily GuyTV2000s
I'm so sorry...10th DoctorDavid TennantDoctor WhoTV2005
It's time to vote off the weakest link!Anne RobinsonThe Weakest LinkTV2000
Have the courage to vote off the weakest link!Anne RobinsonThe Weakest LinkTV2000
The Best(something) everPhineas Flynn CartoonPhineas and FerbTV 2007
I Have Fury!FawfulFawfulMario & Luigi: Superstar SagaVideo Game2003
You havin' a laugh?Ricky Gervais Ricky GervaisExtrasTV2000s
Let the crank see the shaftPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
The Cake is a Lie!Doug RattmanAnimationPortalVideo Game2007
Let the cat see the creamPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Geronimo!Eleventh DoctorDoctor WhoDoctor WhoTV2009
Let the pork see the chopPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Whose leg do you have to hump to get a dry martini around here?Brian Griffin CartoonFamily GuyTV2000s
I've made up my mind - you're the bestBruce ForsythStricly Come DancingTV2000s
Let the zig see the zagPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Let the bees see the kneesPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Bazinga!Sheldon CooperSheldon CooperThe Big Bang TheoryTV2007
chippy chipsHarry HillHarry Hill's TV BurpTV2001
Can I have some points please?Alan DaviesQITV2000s
Let the chimi see the changaPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Where Has The Knitted Character Been This Week?Harry HillHarry Hill's TV BurpTV2001
Hello MotoMotorolaAdvertising2000s
Has anybody got a hammer?Jeremy ClarksonTop GearTV2000s
How serendipitousPhineas FlynnCartoonPhineas and FerbTV 2007
Let the tutti see the fruittiPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
What? What? What?Tenth DoctorDoctor WhoDoctor WhoTV2006
Channel 4 is all yoursNoel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
This is absoloutly FABILOSIBISIBOSMirandaMiranda HartMirandaTV2009
More cowbellThe Bruce DickinsonThe Bruce DickinsonSaturday Night LiveTV2000
I like to keep moving forwardPhineas Flynn CartoonPhineas and FerbTV 2007
Could be a dufferDavid DickinsonBargain HuntTV2000s
Let the door see the knockerPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
I don't like schmoozersLord SugarThe ApprenticeTV2005
Why does it keep happening?MirandaMiranda HartMirandaTV2009
Yes Lord SugarContestants (in unison)The ApprenticeTV2005
Cheap as chipsDavid DickinsonBargain HuntTV2000s
The world is waiting for you. Travel safe... GO!Phil KeoghanPhil KeoghanThe Amazing RaceTV2001
Minus ten points!Stephen FryQITV2000s
Ello Ma!Nick CottonJohn AltmanEastendersTV2000s
Vile Woman!Stewie Griffin CartoonFamily GuyTV2000s
Whose game is over?Anne RobinsonThe Weakest LinkTV2000
Time at current address...11.30MirandaMiranda HartMirandaTV2009
Nice to twirl you...Bruce ForsythStricly Come DancingTV2000s
Let the monkey see the nuts!Paddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
The Silver Fox (referring to Nicholas Parsons)Sue PerkinsJust a MinuteRadio2000s
Bring On The WallHarry HillHarry Hill's TV BurpTV2001
Very very very good luckTim WonnacottBargain HuntTV2000s
Excuse meMirandaMiranda HartMirandaTV2009
Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today!Phineas Flynn CartoonPhineas and FerbTV 2007
Bucket full of soz!MirandaMiranda HartMirandaTV2009
He's just a platypus, they don't do muchPhineas Flynn CartoonPhineas and FerbTV 2007
Breast clap!MirandaMiranda HartMirandaTV2009
Let the cream see the conPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
We love to see you smileMcDonald'sAdvertising2000
What the deuce?Stewie GriffinCartoonFamily GuyTV2000s
Phineas and Ferb are making/building a (insert invention's name)!Candace Flynn CartoonPhineas and FerbTV 2007
(To the winner) That means you are today's strongest link and you go away with (x amount)Anne RobinsonThe Weakest LinkTV2000
Let the lolly see the popPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
(At the end of the show): Join us again on The Weakest Link - goodbye!Anne RobinsonThe Weakest LinkTV2000
Let's hear your buzzersStephen FryQITV2000s
(Name)...welcome to the game!Noel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
I don't want to hear any moreLord SugarThe ApprenticeTV2005
Let the goose see the ganderPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
The QI elves are beavering awayStephen FryQITV2000s
Bear with, bear with...MirandaMiranda HartMirandaTV2009
Let the prawn see the crackerPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
And from everyone here Bruce ForsythStrictly Come DancingTV2000s
The right deal at the right time.Noel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
Platypusses ARE the only mammals to lay eggsFerb Fletcher CartoonPhineas and FerbTV 2007
One size does not fit all!MirandaMiranda HartMirandaTV2009
Why don't you shut up though?LaurenCatherine TateThe Catherine Tate ShowTV2004
Who needs rebooting and who needs booting out?Anne RobinsonThe Weakest LinkTV2000
I mean yeah but no but yeah but noVicky PollardMatt LucasLittle BritainTV2003
Let's meet the stars of our showBruce ForsythStricly Come DancingTV2000s
YEEEEES!Richard HammondTop GearTV2000s
In A NutshellHarry HillHarry Hill's TV BurpTV2001
Open the box...after the breakNoel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
Let the tongue see the groovePaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Don't forget your 'Nobody Knows' jokerStephen FryQITV2000s
This truly is a one box game now.Noel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
Trust me...I'm the Doctor10th DoctorDavid TennantDoctor WhoTV2005
Voting over - it's time to reveal who you think is the weakest link!Anne RobinsonThe Weakest LinkTV2000
Fantastic!9th DoctorChristopher EcclestonDoctor WhoTV2005
Shut up, MegPeter Griffin CartoonFamily GuyTV2000s
Will our farmer boy harvest a honey?Paddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
We do not want to see the quarter of a millionNoel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
What a load of ol' shit!Joannie 'Nan' TaylorCatherine TateThe Catherine Tate ShowTV2004
And from everyone here – and I do mean everyoneBruce ForsythStricly Come DancingTV2000s
I dunnoPaul and SamLee Ross and Catherine TateThe Catherine Tate ShowTV2004
You know the rules...your experts await and off you goTim WonnacottBargain HuntTV2000s
Wiped it's faceTim WonnacottBargain HuntTV2000s
And now to the round we call General IgnoranceStephen FryQITV2000s
Let the rubber see the duckPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
You're in profitTim WonnacottBargain HuntTV2000s
(To the defeated finalist) You leave with nothing!Anne RobinsonThe Weakest LinkTV2000
Let the plum see the jamPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Life's GoodLGAdvertising2000s
Now for the blue teamTim WonnacottBargain HuntTV2000s
You're my favouritesBruce ForsythStrictly Come DancingTV2000s
Stick TogetherT-MobileAdvertising2000s
Go on...have a guessKateCatherine TateThe Catherine Tate ShowTV2004
Hi I'm Daisy!DaisyAnimationMario Kart: Double Dash!!Video Game2003
Let the wiener see the schnitzelPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Am I bovvered?Catherine TateCatherine TateThe Catherine Tate ShowTV2004
It's hero timeBen TennysonCartoonBen 10TV2005
Tell me why I shouldn't get rid of youLord SugarThe ApprenticeTV2005
The perfect startNoel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
If I don't see you through the week, I'll see you through the windowKeith LemonKeith LemonSing If You CanTV2011
Wink!Anne RobinsonThe Weakest LinkTV2000
Let the belly see the buttonPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Blue Rogues attack!VyseAnimationSkies of ArcadiaVideo Game2000
Let the sweet see the sourPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Let the whoopee see the cushionPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Brand Harry SpankersTom WonnacottBargain HuntTV2000s
What?10th DoctorDavid TennantDoctor WhoTV2005
What are the chances of that happening?Harry HillHarry Hill's TV BurpTV2001
What sort of items are you going to look for?Tim WonnacottBargain HuntTV2000s
The dirty bastards!JaniceCatherine TateThe Catherine Tate ShowTV2004
Are ya calling me dad poor?LaurenCatherine TateThe Catherine Tate ShowTV2004
FabulousLen GoodmanStricly Come DancingTV2000s
Oh good lord thats moistMirandaMiranda HartMirandaTV2009
Goooooooooood...eveningStephen FryQITV2000s
Do you mind if I call you girls?David DickinsonBargain HuntTV2000s
I'm a ladyEmily HowardDavid WalliamsLittle BritainTV2003
This must not be the quarter of a million.Noel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
Prepare yourself!IkeAnimationSuper Smash Bros. BrawlVideo Game2008
I do it!LuigiAnimationLuigi's Mansion: Dark MoonVideo Game2013
You will become like usThe CybermenDoctor WhoTV2006
Keeeeeep dancin'!Bruce ForsythStricly Come DancingTV2000s
You were all over it like a tramp on chips!Nick HewerThe ApprenticeTV2005
Wibbly Wobbley10th DoctorDavid TennantDoctor WhoTV2005
Let the pinky see the perky!Paddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Let the gear see the stickPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
We know what we don’t want to see.Noel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
Let the banana see the splitPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
I'm the only gay in the villageDaffyd ThomasMatt LucasLittle BritainTV2003
Come along, PondEleventh DoctorDoctor WhoDoctor WhoTV2010
Requiescat in PaceEzio Auditore da FirenzeAnimationAssassin's Creed IIVideo Game2009
No need to get emotional,we're not SpanishPennyPatrica HodgeMirandaTV2009
He's right behind me, isn't he?"Candace Flynn CartoonPhineas and FerbTV 2007
Computer says noCarol BeerDavid WalliamsLittle BritainTV2003
Good evening good evening good evening good eveningStephen FryQITV2000s
Please join me at the ‘Crazy Chair’Noel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
Let the hokey see the cokeyPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Let the flip see the flopPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Start the clock!Anne RobinsonThe Weakest LinkTV2000
Freakin' sweet!Peter Griffin CartoonFamily GuyTV2000s
Are you gonna take the left or the right turn?Noel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
You are the Weakest Link! Goodbye!Anne RobinsonAnne RobinsonThe Weakest LinkTV2000
Send the contestants in pleaseLord SugarThe ApprenticeTV2005
Let the boogie see the woogiePaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Not like that!Bruce ForsythStricly Come DancingTV2000s
Previously in my life ...MirandaMiranda HartMirandaTV2009
Just a have a guess...Go on...Go on (insistently)KateCatherine TateThe Catherine Tate ShowTV2004
There's only one way to find out...FIGHT!!Harry HillHarry Hill's TV BurpTV2001
No Lord SugarContestants (in unison)The ApprenticeTV2005
We only call ourselves QUITE Interesting...Stephen FryQITV2000s
Who is going to be a Banker spanker?Noel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
I want that oneAndy PipkinMatt LucasLittle BritainTV2003
Seize the dayPhineas FlynnCartoonPhineas and FerbTV 2007
Blast!Stewie GriffinCartoonFamily GuyTV2000s
Let the oyster see the pearlPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
I can't do this anymore MaxTanyaJo JoynerEastendersTV2000s
Let the treasure see the chestPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Boxes don't have memoriesNoel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
This is American Idol!Ryan SeacrestRyan SeacrestAmerican IdolTV2002
Leeroy Jenkins!LeeroyAnimationWorld Of WarcraftVideo Game2006
Where's baby David?Barbara RoyleSue JohnstonRoyle FamilyTV2000s
I'm lovin' itMcDonald'sAdvertising2003
Less bitching more stitchingCarla ConnorAlison KingCoronation StreetTV2000s
Whose knowledge never went to college?Anne RobinsonThe Weakest LinkTV2000
Are you ready for the question?Noel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
Hello I'm the doctor!10th DoctorDavid TennantDoctor WhoTV2005
It was a dahnce di-SAH-ster dahlingCraig Revel HorwoodStricly Come DancingTV2000s
Let the winkle see the picker!Paddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Oh... cock.James MayTop GearTV2000s
The fight is on!PitAnimationSuper Smash Bros. BrawlVideo Game2008
Don’t be seduced by the board?Noel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
B-b-b-but??Candace Flynn CartoonPhineas and FerbTV 2007
Behold! Pirate's Wrath!VyseAnimationSkies of ArcadiaVideo Game2000
Let the shoe see the hornPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Keep it low...keep it blue.Noel EdmondsDeal or No DealTV2005
That money will go through to the next round - but one of you will not!Anne RobinsonThe Weakest LinkTV2000
I've got your card markedLord SugarThe ApprenticeTV2005
You are the Weakest Link...GoodbyeAnne RobinsonThe Weakest LinkTV2000
Cabinets fit for royalty, but affordable for all!Kitchen Cabinet KingsAdvertising2011
Who's going to be in charge of the money?Tim WonnacottBargain HuntTV2000s
It pays to advertise!AdvertisementsAdvertising1920s
Let the bubble see the squeakPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
TV Highlight of the WeekHarry HillHarry Hill's TV BurpTV2001
MOM!Candace Flynn CartoonPhineas and FerbTV 2007
Timey-Wimey10th DoctorDavid TennantDoctor WhoTV2005
Run!11th DoctorMatt SmithDoctor WhoTV2005
I love ya Tan' (Tanya)Max BranningJake WoodEastendersTV2000s
I Certainly Didn't Expect To See ThatHarry HillHarry Hill's TV BurpTV2001
Now as you'd expect...I've done this properly.James MayTop GearTV2000s
Are you calling me a pikey?LaurenCatherine TateThe Catherine Tate ShowTV2004
Marvolissimussolini!!!MirandaMiranda HartMirandaTV2009
I was there...9th DoctorChristopher EcclestonDoctor WhoTV2005
You guys are so busted!Candace FlynnCartoonPhineas and FerbTV2007
Now for the red teamTim WonnacottBargain HuntTV2000s
Have You Met Life Today?Metropolitan LifeAdvertising2001
Absolute filth ...I loved it!Craig Revel HorwoodStricly Come DancingTV2000s
Let the burger see the bunsPaddy McGuinnessTake Me OutTV2010
Who dear? Me dear? Gay dear? No dear!Derek FayeCatherine TateThe Catherine Tate ShowTV2004
Destroy them. Destroy them at once!The CybermenDoctor WhoTV2006
Moons give me strengthMultiple charactersAnimationSkies of ArcadiaVideo Game2000
Show time!BowserBowserMario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside StoryVideo Game2009
I Beg Your Pardon of the WeekHarry HillHarry Hill's TV BurpTV2001
Well that can't be goodPhineas Flynn CartoonPhineas and FerbTV 2007
An Idea can change your lifeIdea Cellular IndiaAdvertising2000s
Alan goes...Stephen FryQITV2000s